about us

Signal Communications, Inc. (dba SIG/COM) is a telecommunications company located in the heart of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.  Licensed by the state as an electrical contractor, we specialize in central office installation and maintenance.  

Since our doors opened in 1983, SIG/COM has executed jobs from the Canadian border to the Bering Sea, from the Arctic Circle to the tip of the Aleutian Islands and all the way down to the southern most regions of Alaska.  Although our primary focus has been within the state, we do consider work elsewhere.  Our qualified team of professionals perform installs from inventory through in-service, Switches, DC Plant, FOT?s, DLC?s, SLC?s, etc.  With a history of total customer satisfaction, the superior service we provide has always been second to none.   

Because we offer competitive rates and are well respected within the telephony industry by both customers and competitors, it's no mystery why we're the #1 telecommunications leader in Alaska.  In short our mission is simple, "WE FIND A WAY, NOT AN EXCUSE".

If you would like more information regarding our company, feel free to contact one of our key personnel listed below. 


Key Personnel Email Directory:

Mark McIntyre Senior Foreman
Daughn Carpenter Administrative Manager
Regional Foreman
Deborah Germano Foreman
Fritz Peiffer Vice President of Sales/Marketing-Telcom
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