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DMS-10/Mitel Mitel GX5000

Introduction to the Nortel DMS-10
for Casual Users

This 40-hour course provides both DMS-10 familiarization and hands on experience to the student.  Its intended purpose is for personnel who (a) will be accessing the DMS-10 for subscriber line data and/or maintenance activity, (b) will be communicating with DMS-10 maintenance technicians, or (c) who may provide on-site help to an off-site maintenance technician.

The following topics will be covered:

                               1.   DMS-10 Documentation

2.   DMS-10 Functional Units and Hardware

3.   Communicating with the DMS-10

4.   Basic call processing in the DMS-10

5.   Subscriber data queries, entry and modification

6.   Basic maintenance, alarms and trouble identification


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PRICE:  $1,700.00/student

HOURS:  M-Th: 8am-5pm; F: 8am-1pm

LOCATION:  36254 Spur Highway, Soldotna (SIG/COM office)


Instructor:  TBD